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HSS Product Clinics

20-minute telephone appointment online

Healthcare Software Solutions offers complementary Product Clinics for all of its customers. The new Product Clinics offer another communication channel and a way for customers to take ownership of HSS CRIS. Customers who have a product query are able to book a 20-minute telephone appointment online, where they can talk directly to one of the expert team of HSS Product Owners.

Scheduling an appointment

If you are a CRIS customer and interested in making a booking, simply follow the following 5 steps:

1. Select ‘Schedule a booking’ below,

2. Select the required Product Owner

3. Chose an appointment time on a Friday and hit continue,

4. Enter personal information,

5. Hit complete appointment and await the email confirmation.

[Schedule a booking]

On completion of an appointment, customers will receive an email confirmation of the selected appointment. An email and text reminder is also sent in the run up to the selected appointment.

The selected HSS Product Owner will call the number provided at the beginning of the appointment. The session includes fully integrated GoToMeeting capabilities, enabling screen sharing during the Product Clinic.

We look forward to speaking to you on one of our Product Clinic calls!


Meet the Product Owners:

Michael Scotter – CRIS Product Manager and CRIS Mobile Product Owner 

As product manager I have overall responsibility for the full HSS product portfolio and the product team. I am also the Product Owner for CRIS mobile. My role is to manage the strategy, roadmaps and feature definition for releases and the operational approaches and processes we use to achieve them.

My interests centre on music, and I play keyboards for a number of bands.


Helen Turner – CRIS Product Owner

Having used CRIS myself as a radiographer, I know how much workflow matters. As Product Owner of the CRIS product, I look to constantly enhance and create new workflows for a changing NHS. My aim is to make users working lives easier and create excellent patient pathways to meet the demand for patient imaging.

In my spare time I am an avid reader, enjoy outdoor swimming and creative writing.


Danielle Jakeman – CRIS Reporting Product Owner

As the Product Owner, I am responsible for creating the vision of what to build and for delivering that vision by conveying it to the scrum development team through detailed requirements and presentations. I manage all the features and ideas from internal and external stakeholders and customers. I’ve worked in the software IT industry for 12 years and I love the customer interaction, understanding their frustration and needs to help provide a solution.

My interest is my family and being creative with my children, we love being outdoors exploring and cycling.


Simon Hodson – CRIS DTIs and Analytics (Business Intelligence) Product Owner

As the Data Product Owner, I am the key stakeholder for CRIS Analytics, Desk-top Integration (DTI) and Single Sign On (SSO). I am responsible for creating and managing the requirements for the more technical aspects of the products and delivering these through good agile scrum development working practice. The technical requirements of all our products are continually shifting and my goal is to keep us on top of all the latest thinking to ensure our products are world class, relevant and future proof.

When not trying to find interesting information in your data and getting products to integrate better, I’ll be found either making my own furniture, or training for my next swimming marathon.