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HSS CRIS is utilised every day within the majority of radiology departments in the UK, driving workflow and radiology business management as an essential part of the hospital IT infrastructure. CRIS has been continually developed in line with user requirements and clinical directives and is therefore both user friendly and rich in functionality.

HSS has invested substantially in anticipation of the LSP exit programme, to support the implementation and delivery of service directly to end users. The organisation has doubled in size since 2012 with the appointment of a significant number of new experienced resources. This will enable more frequent and agile collaboration with users and clinicians, to ensure CRIS continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users and to reinforce its position as the market leading RIS – something HSS is firmly committed to.

While HSS is expert in the development and provision of RIS systems, it recognises the expertise of fellow market leaders and the value that can be derived from supplying a seamlessly integrated, best-of-breed solution. This allows HSS to focus on what it does best, while its users benefit from a single sourced, multi-faceted and highly functionally rich solution, developed in partnership and collaboration with a long list of industry partners.

HSS also works closely with all major UK PACS suppliers, to provide value-added integration between RIS and PACS. CRIS is fully integrated to key hospital information systems such as PAS, Order Communications and can be linked more widely using built-in DICOM, HL7 and XML interface engines.

CRIS is available on a single trust basis but it can also be configured to serve multiple trusts within a consortium. The hardware and data can be hosted locally at an NHS trust, or it can be provided as a fully managed service, in conjunction with one of HSS’s professional services partners.

CRIS can be supplied in conjunction with a wide array of additional modules to enhance and support broader aspects of radiology workflow, for details please click on the links within the product portfolio.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please email: Or to view the complete HSS RIS brochure please click here.