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HSS CRIS Central:

Cross-Site Reporting and Image Sharing

Introducing CRIS Central – Our new sharing platform

The market is shifting to the enablement of collaboration, removing the barriers to introduce new ways of working, and lowering the threshold to the adoption of cross-organisational workflows for reporting, image availability and Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT).

Through the introduction of our new sharing platform, CRIS Central, we can support the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) vision of Cross-Site Reporting and Image Sharing to provide a regional and national radiology solution.

CRIS is present in 120+ NHS Trusts and Private Healthcare Providers, across over 700 Sites with over 200,000 users supporting 24.7m imaging events per annum. CRIS Central’s sharing and collaboration network will connect these trusts together seamlessly as well as other existing local RIS systems, increasing the workforce capacity overnight.

Using intelligent automation and collaboration techniques, CRIS Central will support trusts to work in regional and potentially national groups, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Allow imaging departments to support cross organisational/multi site reporting.
  • Enable the sharing of all relevant patient medical notes not just those from Radiology.
  • Reduce on-call overheads across trust consortiums, based on their ability to share resources.
  • Reduce reliance on out-sourced private teleradiology services, therefore preventing loss of revenue from within the NHS.
  • The ability to offer insourcing capacity to other regions within the NHS (NHS provided teleradiology services).
  • Capacity management on a regional and national basis which will result in reduced waiting times and faster throughput.
  • Working closer together regardless of geographical boundaries, to further improve capacity, and to maximise the availability of specialist services on a national basis.
  • Concentration of specialties in the most appropriate place in the region/nation.
  • Increased availability of clinical and operational data to provide a broader view of the performance of a regional trust, to support service optimisation and collaboration.
  • Enhance the speed and availability of images and reports, for MDT meetings.

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Alternatively please click here to read the latest CRIS Central datasheet.